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Registration Verification

Searching for a Registrant in Saskatchewan? Please visit our Online Registration Verification system to check the registration status of a current or former Registrant in Saskatchewan.

Registration Verification

Online Complaint

Anyone with a concern about the conduct or competence of a Registrant in Saskatchewan may submit a complaint to the SVMA. Visit our Online Complaint Form to get started.

Online Complaint

Are you a current registrant of the SVMA?

You can manage your registration with the SVMA online. Please visit our Online Registration Portal to get started.

Registration Portal

Applying for Registration in Saskatchewan?

Applying for registration with the SVMA is the first step towards becoming a Veterinarian or Registered Veterinary Technologist in Saskatchewan. Visit our Online Application Portal to get started.

Application Portal

If you require further assistance, contact the SVMA by telephone, e-mail or mail at:

Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association
202 - 224 Pacific Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1N9
Telephone: 306.955.7862
Fax: 306.975.0623
E-mail: svma@svma.sk.ca

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